When finishing cabinetry I will estimate the size and amount of material needed to complete the job.  Ideas of color, technique and application come into play here.  If I do not offer a finish that is to  your liking, I will work with you to provide a custom design. Once a finish has been chosen, you will receive a detailed estimate of the work that will be needed to complete the job.  


This is when the excitement begins!  Doors and drawers will be removed from the home and finished at the studio. The frame will be taped and draped along with masking off the interior to prevent dust and debris escaping the kitchen area only when spraying.  Generally finishing the frame with product will take 5-7 days.  Doors and drawers are an additional 5-7 days. Use of the kitchen will be limited for roughly 3 days during the frame finishing.  Total time for a complete kitchen is around 2 weeks depending on type of finish.  

Each job will start with cleaning, sanding and distressing depending on finish.  All doors and drawers will be finished front and back.  Interior of cabinetry shelves will not be finished unless requested.  When all surfaces are complete I will reinstall doors and drawers.  

I finish each and every job as if it were my own home. This is an artistry process that takes time, skill, and high attention to detail in order to create such a custom, artistic piece of work.  Homeowners can feel proud of not only a quality job, but the investment and value for their home.  



Caring for your new decorative surface is easy.  Please refrain from using any chemicals for the first 30 days of application, this is the amount of time it takes for  product to fully cure.  After full set up is complete, water and soap with non-abrasive rags are recommended. My work is guaranteed for the first 60 days from chipping or cracking.


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